German Shepherd missing in Scottish Highlands
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Scotland: Missing police dog lost in Highlands reunited with her handler

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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Police in Scotland feared for the safety of a beloved four-legged team member this week, when police dog Fergie went missing on her daily walk. 

Fergie is a well-loved member of the police department, bravely accompanying her handler whenever she's asked. 

But this week, the German Shepherd managed to cause quite the stir, disappearing uncharacteristically on her daily walk. 

Unusual behaviour

Fergie was being walked north of Polmaily House, in an area near the Loch Ness, when a deer bolted out unexpectedly and took both dog and handler by surprise. 

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Fergie bolted after the deer, disappearing in a matter of minutes. 

With no sign of the three-year-old dog anywhere, the team feared the worst. Trained to come back when called, they worried the police dog may have become caught or injured, making it impossible for her to get home. 


Thankfully, their worries were short lived, and Fergie was found the very next day. Clearly happy to be back on familiar ground, the female shepherd seemed unharmed by her adventures. 

"Following searches, PD Fergie has been traced and reunited with her handler", explained Chief Inspector Gordon Fotheringham. "We are all delighted and we would like to thank everyone who shared and responded to our appeal". 

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