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Cat owner confused over neighbour’s passive-aggressive note about cats in window

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A cat owner was left stunned when their neighbour slipped a passive-aggressive note under their door about their cat sitting by the window.

To their astonishment, the note urged them to keep their cats away from the window as they caused the writer’s dog to bark incessantly.

Cats in window

The writer explained that as they work from home, having their dog barking whenever they see the cats at the window is too distracting.

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The perplexed cat owner turned to Reddit, sharing the note alongside a snapshot of their gorgeous ginger cat. They explained her cats' harmless habit of lounging by the window on sunny days. 

The post quickly gained a lot of attention, with over 12,000 people sharing their thoughts on the situation and struck a chord with many pet owners.

Online debate

Responses ranged from witty comebacks to practical solutions. Some suggested retaliating with a note about the dog's behaviour, while others criticised the note writer’s reluctance to address their own pet's barking. 

One commenter proposed a simple fix: blocking the dog's view of the window.

Here's the neighbour's note:

Should the cat owner stop her felines from relaxing in the window? What would you do if you got a note like this?

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