Lady splashes into river with German Pointer on lead
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Owner throws stick into a river; what happens next has people speechless (video)

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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The moment German Pointer Winnie dragged her unsuspecting owner into a river has been caught on camera, after the exuberant pup caused mayhem on a recent walk.

Steph Cousins was playing with her German Shorthaired Pointer Winnie on a countryside walk in the Peak District, when things took a rather unexpected turn. 

Throwing a stick into the river for her excited pup to retrieve, she seemed calm and collected as her friend filmed the idyllic scene. 

A sudden surprise

Steph never expected what would come next, as Winnie pulled further and further away to reach the stick. 

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At first, the owner seems to have things under control, leaning forward slightly to give her dog a bit more distance. The slippery ground soon gives way, leaving Steph tumbling into the water with a splash! 

"No! Steph!" shouts her friend, as she captures the events on camera. "Did you catch that?", asks Steph, laughing as she climbs back out. 

Even Winnie seems concerned by all the commotion, rushing over to her owner to check she's alright. 

Cooling off 

"It cooled me down", Steph tells her friend, later going on to explain, "Winnie loves it when I throw sticks in the river. But this is the first time she's taken me in with her!". 

"No more treats for Winnie", commented one amused viewer. "Aw fabulous. All been there", shared another. 

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