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This Poodle's face looks just like a human, and the photos are not photoshopped

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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When Yogi's owner posted a photo of her dog online, she never expected he would become famous. Now people around the world are comparing him to a human! 

Chantal Desjardins shares her life with Yogi, a sweet Poodle - Shih Tzu cross.

She always knew her beloved pet was special, but she had no idea his photo would go viral when she posted it online. 

The most unusual expression

With his bright, round eyes and defining eyebrows, Yogi is a very striking pup. 

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But his owner Chantal had never noticed anything particularly unusual about his appearance, until the public started commenting on a picture she shared. 

Interest in Yogi quickly grew, with many people saying he looked just like a human man. 

Human or dog? 

At first, viewers wondered whether Yogi had been photoshopped by his owner to make him look more human. 

Chantal was quick to reassure those commenting that her canine companion really did look like the photos. Sharing a picture to Reddit, Yogi was soon an internet sensation, with some even comparing him to the actor Nicholas Cage. 

Not everyone was enamoured with the Poodle's looks, with some suggesting his human-like appearance was quite disconcerting. 

Chantal was quick to point out that his looks seem to change depending on the angle and his haircut. And while she may live with one of the most human looking dogs out there, she loves him exactly the way he is! 

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