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Dog has a heart attack: Without hesitating this hunter cuts his ear (video)

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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When hunter Christian Pinnas saw his dog fall to the ground, he knew he had to act quickly. His drastic measures would take the internet by storm. 

It was an intense and unexpected moment for Sardinian hunter Cristian Pinnas and his parter Claudia Cucchi, when their dog Marley suddenly fell to the ground. 

Trembling and unable to stand, the couple rushed in to save their four-legged friend. 

Cutting his ear 

Desperate to save his beloved companion, the hunter immediately began compressions on the dog. He also resorted to cutting his ear, in an attempt to lower his blood pressure. Once this had been done, he applied water and cortisone to the wound. 

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On Monday the 20th November, Cristian Pinnas shared the series of events that helped save his dog, as filmed by his partner Claudia. 

The video has had over 600 comments and 4,000 reactions, with people expressing their admiration for the quick actions of this caring owner.

«In spite of the fright, we managed to save you, and this is the most important thing", commented the owner, adding ironically, "I've got enough of my own health problems, I don't need company". 

Luckily, Marley recovered and began wagging his tail, almost as if to thank his owner. The dog was immediately taken to the vet for a check-up. 

Heart attack in dogs: What can you do?

To clarify what should be done in this situation, we spoke to vet Giuseppe Terlizzi, who gave his opinion on the events that unfolded with Marley. He believes that Cristian's actions worked, because the dog was most likely suffering an epileptic seizure, which ended naturally. 

Dr. Valentina Chiapatti confirmed this in a video published on Instagram, explaining: 

«This dog was having an epileptic seizure. The actions carried out by the owner did not contribute in any way to the dog's survival". 

Having said this, the strategy used by these owners could have worked in an extreme scenario, provided the dog really was suffering from a heart attack. The vet added, "for a cardiac massage to work, it's fundamental that there is no heartbeat".

In this case, Marley made a full recovery, much to the relief of his devoted owners.

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