Deer video shocks home owner
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Owner sees Labrador coming home: what appears behind him leaves him stunned

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Some videos have to be seen to be believed and if this surprising moment hadn’t been caught on security camera then we’d hardly believe it had happened!

A homeowner in Olathe, Kansas received a notification to say that the motion sensors outside of his home had been activated. Knowing his beloved Labrador was out in the front garden, he didn’t think much of it until he took the time to watch the video!

An astonishing moment

The video shows the gorgeous black Labrador standing in the garden looking out. Within seconds a teenage deer appears and leaps high over the dog, running right the way up to the front door!

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The strength and litheness of the deer is very much on display as she bounds high into the air and far along the path. It's like something from an animated movie!

A shocked pooch!

The black lab seems almost as surprised as us viewers and she turns briefly to look at the deer with her tail wagging.

The deer doesn’t hang around for long and after running right up to the door and the security camera, she realises there’s no food to be had and turns and runs straight back out of the garden.

See it to believe it

The funny dog watches on confused before eventually making her way back to the house to find out what her owner thinks about it all.

There are some things that you’ll only believe if you’ve seen with your own two eyes and this video is one of them!

Watch the surprising footage here:

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