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Woman left embarrassed over controversial tattoo that's dividing opinions

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Many people get tattoos as tributes to loved ones, including their pets, and while you might think it's a lovely idea, sometimes, they don't turn out quite as planned.

Whether you like tattoos or not, they've become a popular way to remember loved ones who've passed away. But one dog lover's tribute tattoo of a Golden Retriever has stunned everyone.

Tribute tattoo

The woman was initially happy with the tattoo until her boyfriend pointed out it looked like something else. So she took to Reddit to ask what other people thought about her tattoo. And it seems that most Redditors agreed with her boyfriend.

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While the woman had intended for her tattoo to look like an outline of a Golden Retriever looking at a heart in the sky, what she's been left with looks like a bit of male anatomy. 

What do you see?

As one commenter said, the redness and the shading make the dog tattoo look like male genitalia. But not everyone agreed and said they could vaguely see it, but only after it was pointed out. "You see what you want to see", one person said.

Some Redditors reassured the woman that if she got some texture added to the tattoo, it would solve the problem.

Have you got a tattoo of your pet?

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