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You want to keep a memory of your dog forever? Get inspired!

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5 Best dog tattoo ideas

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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When you’re getting inked, you want to be sure that your design is something you really want on your skin...forever! And there’s no better way to make sure of that than when you’re getting a tattoo of your beloved four-legged friend!

Dog lovers around the world choose to honour or remember their pets by getting them tattooed on their skin. If this is something that has crossed your mind before, check out our list of the best dog tattoo ideas!

A Paw Print

It could be a generic paw print, or based on an actual paw print of your pooch. It could be realistic or more cartoon-like. In this sense, getting a paw print tattoo is a pretty flexible affair! But it goes a long way in showing just how much your pooch has touched your heart.

A Realistic Portrait

Your tattoo artist can design a realistic portrait of your dog based on a photo that you bring into the studio. This idea is especially great for people who want to pay tribute to one dog specifically (as opposed to dogs in general). You could have the design done in colour, or just in shades of black.

A Minimalist Design

These are usually small, done in black, and are composed of thin lines. This is great for people who want a discreet tattoo. Some people get just their dogs’ ears outlined in this style!

A Dog Quote

If you like word or sentence tattoos, this could be the perfect way to celebrate your love of dogs! There are so many beautiful dog sayings out there - one of them could perfectly represent your own relationship with your pooch.


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A Name and/or a Date

If you’re remembering a beloved dog that has passed away, you may want to honour his memory by getting his/her name as well as birth date and/or date of death. In addition, you could add this to any of the above tattoo designs to make it even more significant!


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