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Shocking find: Contents of abandoned suitcase brings everyone to tears

By Ashley Murphy Content Writer

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A suitcase dumped by the side of a road contained something precious: a litter of four puppies. Just thank god that somebody spotted it!

A couple driving along a highway in North Carolina, USA, pulled over after the passenger noticed the suitcase 'wriggling.' And as the pair approached for a closer look, one of them saw a tiny nose poking through the zipper

Our unnamed heroes opened the case and were shocked to see a litter of four Labrador puppies huddled together inside. Can you imagine how scared and lonely those little guys must have felt?

A shocking discovery

Hundreds of cars must have passed them by. And if the passenger of this car hadn't been looking at the exact place at the exact time, these puppies may have never been found. 

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And we don't want to think about what could have happened to them then. This really is one of those miracle rescue stories!

The couple picked up the pups and drove them to Guilford County Animal Services. Staff at the shelter were appalled when they heard where these pups had come from.

"We're shocked someone would do this," said one rescue worker. "It's appalling and barely believable. Any decent person couldn't even imagine locking puppies in a suitcase, never mind actually doing it."

A medical check-up revealed that the four pups are female. All four are in relatively good physical health but show no signs of training or socialisation.

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It means these pups are a real 'pawful' and are nowhere near ready for their forever homes. However, they've already been placed with specially trained foster parents.

The foster parents are teaching the pups how to act safely around humans and each other. Most importantly, they're showing these 'throwaways' what real love feels like. 

Who did this? And why?

The cute balls have got another long road ahead. But they'll get to where they need to be. And they'll never, ever, be tossed away again.

Guilford County Animal Services passed details of the case onto the local police. So far, they haven't located whoever was responsible for this shocking act of animal cruelty.

If we found them, we'd like to...well, we better not say the next part out loud. But you know what we mean. Stories like this make us SO MAD!

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