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After enduring 900 days awaiting adoption, dog is abandoned within 24 hours

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A dog who spent 900 days in a shelter finally found hope when she was adopted. But her joy quickly turned to despair when she was returned just 24 hours later.

Sora first caught online attention for being under the care of Valley Animal Center in Fresno, California, for over two and a half years after her original owner had given her up.

Energetic and loving

Sora is a dog with lots of energy and is always eager to play. She loves walks and is great around people and children from the age of five. Shelter staff were confident that someone special would come forward to adopt her.

So when a family decided to adopt Sora after she had been waiting so long, everyone was delighted. It really seemed like the dog's luck was finally changing for the better. Sora would finally get the happy ending she deserved.

But sadly, it didn't last.

Just one day after she was adopted, the new owners returned Sora to the shelter.

The pup was clearly heartbroken. A clip shared online shows Sora looking devastated to be back in the shelter.

Returned to shelter

The shelter believes that Sora struggles to find a new home because she doesn't get along with other animals and really needs to be in a one-pet home. She is also very energetic and needs plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.

After Sora's heartwrenching story went viral, the shelter received numerous inquiries and donations towards her care. While there has been a flurry of interest in adopting Sora from people around the world, none have so far proven it to be the right fit.

With Sora approaching 1,000 days at the shelter, staff are struggling to keep her happy and motivated and give her the enrichment she needs. After all, nothing can compare to the love and attention a dog gets from a loving home.

Yet, there's a glimmer of hope. Volunteers identified a potential forever family for Sora in Texas, but the challenge lies in funding her journey to this new home.

As each day passes, Sora's spirit wanes as she watches other dogs find their forever homes. But with the promise of a new beginning on the horizon, all that remains is to ensure Sora's safe passage to her new home in Texas, where everyone hopes she can finally find the love and stability she deserves.

Good luck, Sora!

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