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Chris and Mariesa have so far rescued over 600 dogs.

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Remarkable couple rescue over 600 dogs and shell out over £500k in vet bills

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Owning several dogs means a busy household. Now imagine what it would be like to live with and pay for 19, each with complex needs!

This inspiring couple has devoted their lives to rescuing senior and special needs dogs and even covering all their vet bills. They have so far saved more than 600 dogs, spending an eyewatering £500k in vet bills.

Life with 19 rescue dogs

Chris (originally from Buckinghamshire) and Mariesa Hughes currently live in New York with 19 rescue dogs, including a 22-year-old Chihuahua and a 20-year-old Pug.

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The couple spares no expense to ensure all their dogs receive the best possible medical care, even those pups that are eventually rehomed. If that's not enough, the couple also co-founded the Mr Mo Project, a non-profit that helps find homes for dogs and covers their veterinary expenses for the rest of their lives. Last year alone, the couple spent over £500,000 on veterinary care, funded through their relentless fundraising efforts. 

Chris and Mariesa were inspired to set up the charity following the passing of their dog Moses, who they nursed for 22 months until he tragically died from a spinal cord tumour. The experience of caring for Moses brought home just how expensive it is to care for a sick dog. So, they decided to help find homes for older dogs and cover their vet bills.

Haven for rescue pups

As you can imagine, mealtime can be rather hectic with so many canine mouths to feed. It takes the couple around 30 minutes to feed all the dogs, with many having to be hand-fed because they're either missing bottom jaws or have no teeth. 

Their home is also a haven for their pets, kitted out with everything from hydrotherapy treadmills to laser therapy units. 

Remarkably, Chris and Mariesa also work full-time jobs alongside caring for their canine companions. 

Despite the chaos, challenges and costs of caring for dogs with diverse needs and disabilities, Chris and Mariesa remain committed to their life's passion to transform as many dogs' lives as possible.

What an inspiring couple!

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