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Photographer’s heartbreaking photos of final moment between pets and owners

Photo of pets final moment
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The downside of having a pet is when you have to say goodbye to them. This heartbreaking time has been captured by a U.S. photographer in a unique collection of photos.

By Zoe Monk , 10 Oct 2019

In his very unique collection of photographs, Ross Taylor reveals how deeply pet owners care for their animals, especially at the animal's final moments.

A photojournalist and assistant professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, Ross was keen to explore the bond between human and pet.


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Last Moments

Working with veterinary organisations and pet owners, Ross was able to capture a collection of emotional and often heartbreaking photos that reveal the very last moments between pets and their owners.

Ross told Insider that his photography collection called ‘Last Moments’, showed him that the pain that comes from losing a pet should not be minimised.


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Ross has explored trauma-related events throughout his photography and documentary career. However, his latest series takes a more intimate look into the deep pain people experience when a pet dies. He was able to capture on film those painful and devastating last moments between a pet and their owner.

Intense Grief

The series of photographs show one couple along with their dog Ally just before it died. Their veterinarian looks on, providing comfort to the family in what must be an unbelievably emotional time.

The photographer became interested in the project when his good friend made the difficult decision to have her pet put to sleep at home. During the project, Ross saw for himself the strength of the bond between human and pet.

He said: "I've seen it first hand, the love and the bond that people have with their animals, and that shouldn't be minimized."


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“I’m sorry”

Another couple sit with their beloved dog Spartan as the man says, “What am I going to do? What am I going to do? I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry."

As he captured those precious final moments of a pet’s life, Ross also witnessed the raw grief straight after the pet had died. He explained that through this project, he witnessed some of the most intense moments in his career as a photographer.


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He watched one owner cry out after her dog had died. "Her pain was visceral," he said. "I can still remember this as if it happened yesterday. My heart broke for her, and I'll always carry that with me."

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