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How to stop a dog pooping in the house? Learn some good tips!

brown labrador pooping in the house advice
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If you want to know how to stop a dog pooping in the house, you need to learn a couple of great techniques! Learn more with this amazing pet parent guide.

By Daniel Mar

Dogs have many complex pooping behaviours that are difficult for humans to understand. However, the worst of all is when your dog continues to poop indoors! You may have wondered why would they do this to you? Unfortunately, when you see your dog pooping in the house, you tend to get angry. Dogs behave like this due to a wide variety of reasons. Some dog owners believe that this is the result of a lack of training. You may not know this but, training is not everything when it comes to this particular topic. Fortunately for you, there are many different methods which are quite efficient at stopping your dog from pooping indoors.

Why is your dog pooping in the house?

When trying to understand this issue, you must ask yourself a couple of questions:

  1. How old is your dog? – When your dog is a puppy, he may not be accustomed to your house as yet. Young pups tend to have indoors accidents but, although annoying, it is completely normal.
  2. How long it’s been since you adopted your dog? – If your newly adopted dog continues to poop inside the house, it may just be as a result of stress and getting used to the new routine.
  3. Did it happen all of the sudden? – If your dog is house-trained but he recently started pooping indoors, even after going outside to use the bathroom, there are many factors in play. Your dog could be sick so you should call the vet. Furthermore, if your dog is elderly, he may be losing control of his bowels.
  4. Has there been any new change in your dog's life? – Major changes to a dog’s daily routine can induce stress and can cause your dog's pooping habits to behave strangely. Remember that nervous dogs like to poop on places that smell familiar.
  5. Is your dog under-exercised? – Sometimes, you need to think outside of the box and consider other causes that could be contributing to their new behaviour. Two of these are that your dog needs more exercise or more training. These two things can provide stimulation and act as anti-stressors for bored or stressed dogs.

How to stop a dog pooping in the house?

If your dog keeps pooping inside the house, you need to consider using alternative methods to stop this behaviour. All of the following have proven to be quite effective at teaching a dog pooping in the house to stop.


The first of these is vinegar. You can just spray or pour it over the poop area indoors. Dogs are very sensitive to smell and they hate the scent of vinegar. They will avoid going over to that area again. You may have to re-apply vinegar once a week until your dog gets the message. Vets recommend diluting the vinegar with water as you repeat the treatments. This way your dog will remember the vague smell and just not go there.

Citronella Oil

Even though this oil is not as cheap as vinegar, it is excellent to fix this behaviour! If you have a dog pooping in the house, buy some Citronella oil and await the results.  Dogs hate this smell; it is a fact. The smell, while strong, it is kind of pleasant and is not uncomfortable for the human nose after some time. Lastly, it remains active for a long period of time!

Cayenne Pepper

Seeing a dog pooping in the house even after being outside can be infuriating! Do not worry anymore! Sprinkle cayenne pepper over the affected area. You can also mix the pepper with water or liquid soap to make it stickier. When your dog smells this, he will most likely never try it again. This method is very cheap and it is completely eco-friendly.


This final method is very intense! Just rinse the affected area with ammonia. It has a very strong smell, especially for dogs. Likewise, it is very cheap and easy to get. If you have a dog pooping in the house, get some ammonia, and get rid of that behaviour once and for all.

Final thoughts

Remember to ask yourself the questions previously mentioned. Sometimes, you just need to train your dog. It is advisable to begin in puppyhood! Pick a place in the garden or patio where he can poop without causing any problems. Remember that training takes patience, but it will be worth it. If in the end, it doesn’t pay off, you might need to correct the behaviour with any of the methods already explained. A dog pooping in the house can be incredibly frustrating! Find a solution to your problem now.