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Can dogs have chamomile tea? In a diluted form, chamomile can be safe and even beneficial for your dog.

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Chamomile tea for dogs: Benefits and uses

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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With many health benefits, your dog can have chamomile tea to help soothe anxiety and stomach upset. Here we look at the best ways to use this natural remedy.

One of several different species in the chamomile family, Matricaria Chamomilla is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Delicate and floral, the positive effects of this plant are thought to come from natural compounds called terpenoids and flavonoids. These help to reduce inflammation and harmful free radicals (unstable atoms that can be dangerous to health).

While there is extensive anecdotal evidence that chamomile can help dogs in the same way it can people, it's important to consider the safety of your pet and to be mindful of potential side effects if administered in quantities that are too high for our four-legged friends.

What are the benefits of chamomile for dogs? 

Chamomile has been found to reduce skin irritation, relieve mild anxiety and to benefit gastrointestinal issues, due to the anti-spasmodic and sedating effects of the plant. Chamomile is safe in the right quantity and can be used to help improve a range of health complaints. 

When giving your dog chamomile for the first time, you should monitor for unusual reactions such as vomiting or swelling, as these can indicate an allergic reaction to the remedy.

Can I give my dog chamomile tea for an upset stomach or diarrhoea? 

Chamomile is usually well-tolerated by our canine companions, and it's one of the safest herbs available for your pet. Your dog can have a cup of diluted and cooled chamomile tea to help with diarrhoea and abdominal pain, as it has properties that help reduce inflammation and discomfort. 

This home remedy should only be used in the case of very mild gastro-intestinal issues. If you suspect something more serious may be going on, such as inflammatory bowel disease, you should make an appointment with your trusted veterinarian. 

Is chamomile tea good for a dog's paws?

Cold weather can cause sore paws that can be uncomfortable for your dog. A cooled chamomile tea bag can provide much needed relief in the winter season, soothing the pads with the anti-inflammatory properties of the herb. 

Check for any signs of cracking before applying the chamomile, to prevent adding any moisture that could be harmful to the pad recovery.

Is chamomile tea good for a dog's eyes?

Applying chamomile tea to sore eyes is commonly believed to help relieve redness and itching. This may work in some cases, but evidence is anecdotal as to how effective this can beThe mucous membrane of the eye may be irritated if chamomile is used for regular eye care, so in reality this home treatment is best avoided. If you're concerned about your pet, you should book a visit with your veterinarian.

Is chamomile tea good for a dog's anxiety?

With gently sedating properties, chamomile can help relieve symptoms of mild anxiety, settling and relaxing your pup. 

To help your dog be their happiest, most confident self, you may need to consider the help of a behaviour consultant in addition to the use of home remedies

How to give your dog chamomile 

While it does offer many benefits to dogs and humans alike, our four-legged friends can't consume as much chamomile as people can, and directly ingesting the stems, leaves or petals of the plant can be toxic to pets. 

How much chamomile tea can I give my dog?

The quantity of chamomile you can give your dog will depend on their size, age, and whether or not they have any past medical conditions. Chamomile tea can be safe for dogs if it is organic, hasn't been mixed with other ingredients, and is served in very small quantities. For this reason, we always recommend speaking to your vet before offering your dog a natural remedy such as chamomile. They will help you determine the dosage that is appropriate for your pet.

Can dogs have chamomile tea and lavender?

While it can be tempting to find exciting new options for your pet to try, lavender contains a small amount of the compound linalool. This can be toxic to dogs and cats, so it's best to avoid offering this to your canine companion.

What's the best chamomile tea recipe for dogs? 

Tea is safe for dogs in very small amounts, but the right dilution of chamomile to water will vary depending on your dog's size and age. Your vet will be able to determine the best dosage of chamomile for your pet.

If you feel a tea may not be the right choice for your four-legged friend, it's worth remembering there are a number of other application methods that can be effective, such as chamomile supplements. You can chat to your vet to find the right option for you and your pet.

Chamomile poisoning in dogs

When ingested in large quantities and over an extended period of time, chamomile can cause negative side effects for your dog. If you notice symptoms such as hypersalivation, lethargy, bleeding or vomiting, you should contact your vet urgently. The majority of toxicity cases can be treated effectively through veterinary treatment and supportive care.

Chamomile poisoning may sound scary, but stick to the quantities recommended by a vet, and your dog will benefit from all the wonderful properties of this herb, improving both their physical and mental wellbeing naturally.

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