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4 red dog breeds that are simply magnificent

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There is just something stunning about a dog with flame-red hair. Red dog breeds are quite rare these days, unlike brown, white, black and even grey colours.

If you are lucky to own such a dog with fiery-red fur, I’m sure that he lives up to his colouring! A dog can still be classified as a red dog breed, even if he has areas of his body, such as his tail, face, chest or paws that are a different shade. Because of this, this group of red canines are still considered to be red-haired dogs even though they do not have 100 percent red coverage.

Check out these 4 red dog breeds that are not only endearing and charming, but they also have magnificent and attractive red fur.

No 1. The Irish Setter

Red Irish Setter © Pixabay

This large dog breed has an abundance of energy that ideally needs a lot of outside space to run and exercise. Certainly recognised for their beautiful red coats which require a good deal of grooming to keep them looking stunning. An adult male, Irish Setter will stand at around 28 inches tall and will weigh around 65 pounds. Health issues that can affect this canine group are hip dysplasia, epilepsy, bloat and hypothyroidism. This red-haired dog is fabulous with children and other household dogs. Due to their stature and energy levels, however, they do need to be monitored when around small children.

No 2. The Dachshund

The red-haired Dachshund  © Pixabay

First of all, not every Dachshund belongs to the red dog breed, as many are also classified as a brown or black colour too. They are a small dog, known famously for the long body that certainly looks like a hot dog! Used many years ago by hunters, as their lengthy body enabled the dogs to crawl into animal burrows and dens to chase out the game. The Dachshunds are intelligent, brave dogs although sometimes they can be quite stubborn too. You will probably wonder how such a loud, deep bark can come from such a small dog. This purebred dog has a lifespan of between 12 and 15 years and will grow to an average 10 inches high. Dogs from this red-coated breed can be either long-haired, wire-haired or smooth.

No 3. The Hungarian Vizla

Hungarian Vizla Dog with red coat  © Ivanova N - Shutterstock

His ancestors are hunting dogs dating back to the 10th century in Hungary. In fact, Vizla translated from Hungarian meanspointer”. He is a first-class, small game and bird hunter yet also makes a brilliant companion pet. Belonging to the group of red dog breeds, he can have either a wire or a smooth coat. Minimal grooming is usually needed to keep him looking his best. The Vizla is a medium sized canine, with a muscular body and a short tail. As a result of their hunting genes, they are normally very energetic and active dogs. In addition to their red shades, they also appear as sandy yellow, rust golden, golden red and golden rust.

No 4. Red Toy Poodle

Red haired Toy Poodle Puppy © Pixabay

Although the Toy Poodle title isn’t a breed itself, the group of canines that include Toy, Miniature and Standard all belong to the Poodle breed of dogs. Toy Poodles fit into the category of dogs under 10 inches tall, a very similar size to other pet favourites, Shih Tzu and Pugs. Although their ancestors are the French Waterdog and the Poodle actually originated in Germany. The Toy version is known to be quite high maintenance and fussy dogs although very energetic too. Don’t let their size fool you. There are around 10 different coat colours for the Toy Poodle, including a vibrant deep red colour. Their coats need frequent grooming and clipping to keep them looking their best.

Where does the Red Dog breeds’ colour come from?

In dog genetics, there are 2 variations of pigments that produce the colour of the dog’s coat. The pigment is the factor that creates the colour in each strand of hair. Eumelanin pigment produces the black colour, liver or brown, blue-grey, chocolate and also red colourways. On the other hand, the second pigment, pheomelanin also influences the dog’s coat colour, ranging from cream through to red and mahogany. In addition, a wide variety of different genes also guide the type and length of the dog’s coat. It’s no doubt though, that a dog with a red coat really is a remarkable and magnificent creature.

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