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Angry bear confronts woman prompting her Jack Russell to do something incredible

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A tiny Jack Russell Terrier became his human's forever hero after he fought off a wild Black Bear on the verge of attack. What a brave little guy.

Jack Russells are tiny dogs with a very (very) big attitude. The epitome of  'little dog syndrome,' members of this miniature breed act (and bark) like they're always the biggest pup in the room.

Little dog. Big attitude

Sometimes it's cute. Other times, it's not so cute. And occasionally, it's just plain annoying: why do they bark at everyone who walks by the house? But the question dog lovers have always pondered is this: is there more to this tiny dog bark than bluster and hot air?  Well, apparently so. And one brave little guy has just proved it. He lives out in a rural community in Vermont, USA, with his owner, Susan Lee and Labradoodle pooch sister.

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The trio were enjoying a relaxing afternoon walk in the woods near their home when they stumbled on the one thing you don't want to meet in a forest: an angry black bear.  The bear must have thought Lee and her dogs were a threat to her cubs nearby. So she did what any mother bear would do; she prepared for attack. 

Susan and the Labradoodle ran. But Susan tripped on a stone. When she looked up, the Bear was closing in. Susan probably thought her time was up.

A very good (and brave) boy

Then her Jack Russell stepped in. The courageous pup squared up to the bear bared his little teeth and began barking in the way only a Jack Russell can. It created enough distraction for Susan to escape, and the Bear eventually walked off in the opposite direction.

Susan found the Labradoodle hiding nearby. But don't judge; Labradoodles aren't built for this kind of encounter. Then, all three headed back to safety. And we're guessing Jack walked a little bit taller than usual. 

He must have felt very proud of himself; after all, black bears can weigh over 600 lbs and stand 7 feet tall! 

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  • HOUSECAT2022
    Dogs are angels here to protect us... But what happens next time? Maybe the dogs stay safe at home is better?
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