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© Rana Arshad - TikTok

Can you spot all the animals in this image? Not many people can!

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Only 1% of people can see all the animals in this picture. So how eagle-eyed are you? How many of the animals can you spot?

The optical illusion, shared by TikTok user Rana Arshad, looks pretty straightforward. It appears to show a black-and-white outline of a bear, with a few silhouettes of other animals inside.

Can you see all the animals?

The other creatures in the picture include a dog sitting proudly, a cat, a monkey, and a flying bat. However, some sharp-eyed viewers spotted a few extra animals hiding in the picture.

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Some claim there are up to eight animals in the picture, while others say there are only six. How many can you see?

Optical illusion ©Rana Arshad - TikTok

The 'correct' number is six. If you look closely, there's a squirrel shape sitting on the back of the cat's tail. Or at least that's what some people believe. 

"There's definitely six animals in there," reads the comment. "There's a squirrel behind the cat on its tail, and then there's a dog, bat, bear, cat and monkey."

Did you spy the squirrel? Can you even see it now? Don't worry if you're stumped. You're not the only one. 

Hundreds of people left comments claiming there were only five animals. A few were absolutely convinced that the squirrel was some kind of practical joke. 

"Somebody is winding you up," wrote Ryan Thorn on TikTok. "There's no squirrel people! The answer is 5. The shape behind the cat is just the back foot of the bear and the cat's bushy tail. Seriously. Move on."

Elephants? Snails? A howling wolf?

A handful of viewers claimed to see a snail and even an elephant, although that's probably another wind-up. We stared at the picture for a long time, and there's definitely no elephant. Is there?

One person said the shape between the bear's front legs resembles a wolf howling at the moon. But, again, that's pushing it. 

Maybe it's like staring up at clouds. Stare long enough, and they can soon start looking like anything and everything.

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