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Everyone is astonished to see how massive dog behaves around little baby (video)

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A Leonberger proved that these big dogs are gentle giants with tonnes of love for their favourite humans, especially the little ones who need protecting most!

Monzi isn't a big dog; he's a very big dog. In fact, he's absolutely enormous. This gigantic Leonberger weighs 140 lbs and is as tall as a fully-grown human when standing on his hind legs. We told you he was big.

Big dog. Big love.

But like the rest of this breed, Monzi is a big softie who loves his people. And he's got a special place in his heart for his baby human sister.

He's always watching over her, and the pair have enjoyed daily snuggle time and playtime since they first met. Monzi's dog parent posted one of these adorable little hang-out sessions on YouTube.

The two-minute clip shows the pair playing on the floor of their family home. They then switch to more of a cuddle and stroking session, with Monzi nuzzling the toddler and showering her with gentle nose rubs and kisses. It's amazing how gentle he is with her. The video has over 100K views and thousands of heartwarming comments from dog lovers worldwide.

"CUTE! This is the epitome of the Leonberger attitude: loving and laid-back. Monzie is a lovely example of these special dogs," posted one viewer.

"This breed is PERFECT with babies and kids. This clip made me smile," posted another.

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Should you get a Leonberger?

The Leonberger takes its name from Leonberg, Germany, where the animals were first bred. 

The jumbo-sized pooch is a mix of the Newfoundland, longhaired Saint Bernard, and Great Pyrenees. They have a gentle nature, are famous for their patience, and love the company of humans.

But be warned: Leonbergers drool and slobber almost as much as they shed! This dog is not for people who like to keep their house in showhome condition. 

We urge Wamiz readers to always be cautious when letting a pet play with a child. No matter how sweet pets can be, they may sometimes feel uncomfortable with a child's rough play and children can’t always pick up on that. Better safe than sorry, always supervise interactions between a child and an animal!

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