GSD babysits Dobermann puppies: Suddenly, the situation takes a turn (Video)

German Shepherd and Doberman puppies dog-wow

Doberman puppies on the attack!

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German Shepherds are best known for their loyalty, courage and guarding instincts. But did you know that they also make excellent puppy babysitters too?

By Zoë Monk

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German Shepherds stand out for their intelligence, courage, and confidence, which is why they make such good guard dogs and are popular with the military and police. But they are also excellent family pets, thanks to their playfulness and gentleness. 

Four-legged babysitters

Their wonderful nature is perhaps what made this particular German Shepherd such a good four-legged puppy minder. If you don't believe us, you need to watch this adorable video of a German Shepherd who takes on the role of babysitter to a group of Dobermann puppies. The clip posted on YouTube shows a German Shepherd watching over a litter of very energetic and playful Doberman puppies.

Three times the size of the smallest pups, the German Shepherd starts running around the garden with the puppies chasing after him. It looks like everyone is having a great time! 


Then the German Shepherd pauses and allows some of the pups to jump all over him. He then gets up and starts running around again before he lets all the puppies jump all over him again. The German Shepherd doesn't seem to mind being trampled over by the young puppies. In fact, he looks like he's having a fantastic time. 

This video will certainly brighten up your day:

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