Man ditches wedding ceremony to save dog from drowning (Video)

man pulling dog out of river dog-happy © UnderPalmTree - Reddit

A bride and groom paused their dream wedding day so that a pair of their guests could save a pooch stranded in a dangerous river.

By Ashley Murphy

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When it comes to a wedding, the attention should always be on the happy couple. But there are exceptions to every rule, and especially when dogs are involved.

In this case, a  wedding guest spotted a dog in distress during the ceremony. The poor pup was stranded at the bottom of a concrete pillar next to a fast-flowing river. 

A helping paw

Without a helping paw, this dog would have been swept away to an almost certain death. So our hero excused himself from the marital proceedings and set out on a rescue mission. 

Footage posted on Reddit shows the man stretching down to pull the pup to safety. After realising he can't reach the dog, the rescuer requests help from another wedding guest.

The second man holds onto the first guy's legs so he can extend further and grab the dog. The pair then work together to bring the dog back onto dry land.

After a brief shake-off, the dog wanders away as if nothing has happened! And the two rescuers start walking back to the wedding. 

Raise your glasses for the heroes

A woman appears near the end of the video and gives one of the men a huge hug. We're guessing this was the dog's owner.

We hope somebody raised a champagne toast to the two heroes of this story. They certainly deserved one. Cheers, guys!

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