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School girl sees dog get hit by a car: What she does next will have you tearing up

A girl on the street in the rain dog-wow © mayanerodrigues - Instagram

A woman witnessed something that touched the hearts of many people around the world. In the video, you’ll see the reaction a 12 year old girl had when coming across a dog.

By Emilie Heyl

Published on the

When Mayane looked out her window on a rainy afternoon, she didn't expect to record such a touching video. Across the street she spotted a girl whose kindness made Mayane immediately reach for her phone. 

It was a rainy day in Brazil, just like any other day between April and May as it rains almost every day. In the video, we see a girl wearing a backpack and walking along a busy road on her way back from school. She noticed a dog lying on the pavement and immediately placed her own umbrella over the animal to keep it from getting wet.

The dog must have been shivering from the cold, because the girl took off her jacket and wrapped it around the dog. Then she bent over the animal, took him in her arms and left with him.

Mayane was shocked - such an act of selfless kindness does not happen every day.

Who is the girl? 

The editors of the Dodo looked for the girl. They found out that the 12-year-old was named Cibely. She decided to take the dog with her because it was injured. Apparently, moments before the dog had been hit by one of the vehicles on the busy street the girl was walking home from school.

Thankfully the wounds were superficial and the dog wasn’t seriously injured. Quite quickly the wound healed and the dog was named Pretinha and stayed with Cibely and her family.

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