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Mother cat introduces her kitten to the family dog: their encounter is unique! (Video)

dog with two ginger kittens dog-cat-happy © ViralSnare Rights Management - Youtube

Mummy cat took it upon herself to introduce her one-week-old baby to her best friend. Here is a video of this tender moment.

By Emilie Heyl

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We have probably all heard (or even said) “Like cats and dogs”' at least once in our lives.

This sentence implies a mutual dislike between the two animals, but is this really true? The video we are showing you today disproves this alleged rivalry.

Dog and cat: a possible friendship

The cinema has often shown us images of an impossible relationship between cats and dogs, but peaceful coexistence between the two is possible. And we're not just talking about tolerating each other.

Between the two animals, in fact, a very strong friendship is possible,full of affection and love. The video, which has had more than 1.5 million views, proves it.

The video of the sweetest encounter

This clip entitled Cat Mom Introducing Her 1 Week Old Kitten to Her Dog Friend clearly shows that when you say 'like cats and dogs', you are talking about a relationship of love and affection.

The pictures show a dog lying on the bed curiously sniffing a young kitten. It is the new born kitten of a mother cat, which we can also see in the adorable scene.

The dog continues to move its snout towards the baby. Then the mother gently strokes the dog's face with her paw and approaches it as if to kiss it.

The mother cat's actions seem to instruct the dog to be as gentle as possible with her kittens.

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