German Shepherd finds his way back to owners after 6 years missing

man in red jacket hugging german shepherd dog-happy © Pepa Tenorio

Losing a pet can be absolutely heart breaking. But if your pet is microchipped, there is always a chance that you could be reunited once again...

By Justine Seraphin

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Dico the German Shepherd went missing September 11th, 2015, when he was only a year and a half old.

Beloved family dog disappears mysteriously

His family was in the workshop when he suddenly disappeared. When they realised he was gone, they searched everywhere – but there was no sign of him. It’s like he had evaporated into thin air. After months of searching, putting up posters, and offering rewards, the Garrido Quero family slowly started to accept that they would never see their dog again.

Dico before he was lost, in the workshop with his family ©Jose Garrido

Though Dico was the family dog, he was closest to the dad of the family. Sadly, the dad passed only two months after Dico disappeared. That was probably the family’s biggest regret: That their dad passed away not knowing what had happened to his beloved dog.

A fateful phonecall

On January 24th, 2022, Jose Garrdio Quero, the son, answered a phone call from the vet. What he heard on the other end of the line left him speechless:

“We found your dog.”

Jose and his family immediately went to the vet clinic to see if this was true – and lo and behold, 6 years after disappearing, there was Dico the German Shepherd. Jose and his family couldn’t help the tears from pouring – it was like they were getting a small piece of their dad back.

Dico reuniting with his family, 6 years after he was lost ©lapepatenorio - Instagram

After a full health check, the vet confirmed that the dog was in perfect health. All he needed was a little TLC. 

A new beginning

Once back home, Dico, though 8 years old, started to feel young again. He instantly became happier and more active. 

Thanks to his microchip, Dico can now spend his golden years being spoiled and cherised by his family, who never stopped loving him. You can watch the full reunion video here:

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