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Woman shocked to see dog's head on roof, only to uncover the surprising truth

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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Sometimes our minds can play tricks on us and we think we’re seeing something that’s not really there. That’s what happened to Carolyn Muylaert in Brazil.

One day, as Carolyn looked out her window, she saw a dog’s head on a rooftop. She was horrified when she realised the dog’s head was probably detached from the body.

Unexpected turn of events

Thinking someone had been incredibly cruel and ended this poor dog’s life, she knew she had to get proof and warn the authorities.

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She quickly took out her camera and zoomed in on the ghastly situation. But as she zoomed, she realised that things weren’t quite what they seemed.

Dog’s head turns into a cat

In the video, Carolyn makes a “pss-pss-pss” sound. And suddenly, the dog’s head seems to transform into a cat!

Yes, this whole time, the dog’s decapitated head was actually just a white cat with black spots sitting on a rooftop. Without knowing it, this cat has been seriously messing with people’s minds.

But, thankfully, we have nothing to be worried about – no dogs were harmed here!

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