Passers-by hear whining in Porta-potty and are shocked by what they find inside

tricolour corgi mix dog-angry

Stories like this can make us lose faith in humanity. After all, how could you treat a poor innocent animal in this way. Thankfully, there are good people in the world too.

By Justine Seraphin

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Two weeks ago, passers-by in the city of Brookline, Massachusetts, heard what they thought could be barking noises coming from a Porta-potty on a construction site.

Sad discovery inside Porta-potty

Curious, they opened the Porta-potty to see what was inside. And what they found saddened them immensely. 

A tricolour Corgi mix was trapped inside a box which had been taped shut. The passers-by immediately contacted the police, who came to pick up the dog and brought her to a nearby shelter.

Thankfully, the dog was unharmed and in stable condition. However, she didn’t have a microchip or a tag on her collar. In the days that followed her arrival at the shelter, no-one came to claim her.

A new start for Princess Loo

But her incredible story got lots of attention and hundreds of inquiries came into the shelter. Just 10 days after being rescued, the Corgi, pertinently named “Loo”, found a perfect match and went home with her new forever family – just in time for Christmas. 

Though she had a rough start, things are looking up for Ms. Loo! We wish you all the best on your new adventures! 

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