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Vet is moved when he understands why this dog follows every woman he meets

dog follows women in the street dog-wow © Kritter Klub - Youtube

Poor Chunjang needed a little help more than anything else. Fortunately, fate decided to give it to him. Here is his story.

By Emilie Heyl

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It is well known that animals are of unfailing fidelity. And the following story is yet another demonstration of this.

It all started in South Korea a few years ago. For a few weeks, the inhabitants of a small town noticed that a dog followed random women on the streets.

A dog who had strange habits, but why?

A little surprised by this dog's unusual habit, the inhabitants began to give the dog some food and water. They were also trying to get close to him in order to help him out, because it was clear that this dog had been wandering the streets alone for too long. Unfortunately, the little dog was suspicious and refused to be approached too closely.

After feeding him for a few days in order to gain his trust, a citizen decided to contact a local television program that specialises in rescues.

Quickly, the team arrived at the scene and set up a trap to capture the dog. And it works!

They named him Chunjang, and were able to figure out which breed he was, it was a Sapsali.

The dog was lost and looking for his mother

Once captured, Chunjang was nervous but gradually calmed down when he realised he had just been rescued. He was then taken to the vet to get a full check up and to see if he is identified. If he was, it could help Chunjang find his owner.

Fortunately, the dog had an identification tattoo and the vet could contact his owner.

The television team went to his home to share the good news. It was at that point that the man explained to them that he had given the dog to a friend when he was still just a puppy. So, the team went to see the woman in question and showed her a video of Chunjang who was at the vet.

Reunited again!

The woman started crying as she was moved and relieved to finally see her faithful friend, lost several months ago.

A few hours later, Chunjang could finally hug his human mum again, who he had been looking for everywhere.

If the animal followed all these women on the street, it is simply because he hoped that one of them was his owner.

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