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Cat abandoned on doorstep: Family’s Chihuahua instantly becomes his guardian

ginger cat licking chihuahua dog-cat-happy © Rossy De Mtzz - Facebook

It is often said that cats and dogs don’t get along. But sometimes, and especially when they are raised together, the two species can get along splendidly.

By Justine Seraphin

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There once was a young ginger cat who was dumped by his owners on someone’s doorstep.

When the inhabitants of the home opened the door and discovered the cat, they realised he had a bad eye infection.


Kind people adopt abandoned kitten

Most people would’ve brought the kitten to a shelter where his future would’ve been uncertain, but not this family. They paid for his medical bills, and once he was discharged from the veterinary clinic, they took him home and named him Michito.

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They were a little worried though. Indeed, they also owned a little Chihuahua named Pixie. They didn’t know how the little dog would react to welcoming a new pet into the family. 

Chihuahua and cat become best friends

But they had nothing to worry about in the end. The moment Pixie laid eyes on Michito, she fell in love. She instantly felt protective of the little cat, and showered him with kisses to let him know he was loved.

To this day, Michito and Pixie are still the best of friends. Proof that differences mean nothing in the face of love!

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