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Couple find dog tied to bin with a note: They're moved to tears when reading it

Abandoned dog dog-sad © South Eastern Homeless Animals - Facebook

In the middle of a shopping session, a couple was surprised to find a dog tied to a dumpster ... At his side, a very moving note.

By Emilie Heyl

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In 2017, in South Carolina, a couple were surprised to find a dog tied to a dumpster near a shopping mall. As they approach, the couple discover that a note had been left near the dog.

An abandoned but loved dog

The note said: "Free puppy. My name is Scooter. My owner is in prison."

Straight away, the couple unties the poor dog who is then taken care of by the South Eastern Homeless Animals (SEHA) charity so that his chip can be checked and they can find people to take care of him.

As soon as I saw him, I knew he was a loved and pampered animal. He was clean, didn't have ticks, and had plenty of things with him, including a bag of grain-free kibble and a rather expensive necklace."

Once the dog entered the shelter, they could scan his microchip. There, Paula discovered that Scooter's microchip had been disconnected, but that the dog has traveled a lot in recent years. Paula then decides to contact the police officer who arrested Scooter's owner. She then discovered that the dog owner had entrusted it to friends so that he could live in good conditions. Which obviously was not the case at all...

Eventually, Paula decided to contact the dog owner’s mom. After a good discussion, she decided to drive an hour to bring the dog back to her. A great reunion and a very touching moment.

Thanks to the devotion of Paula, the dog is today happy in his family.

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