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Dog finds herself behind bars again just 7 days after leaving the shelter

black dog inside shelter kennel dog-sad © Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Plantas de Málaga - Facebook

When shelter dogs finally go live with their forever families, it’s such a relief for shelter staff. But some things are just too good to be true, as this story proves.

By Justine Seraphin

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A devastating photo was posted on a Spanish rescue group’s Facebook page around a year ago. 

It was a photo of a large, scruffy, black dog named Mononoke. She was laying on the concrete floor of her kennel with her head down, as if feeling completely resigned. And she was, in fact, as the post explained.

Shelter dog gets hope of a new life

Poor Mononoke had, 7 days prior to the photo being taken, found her forever family. When they had visited the shelter, the family claimed to have fallen in love at first sight, and to be ready to work with Mononoke while she adjusted to her new life. In fact, when Mononoke first arrived in her new home, her family didn’t hesitate to take many pictures and videos of her to post on social media, to show everyone what a good deed they did, and to encourage others to adopt senior dogs!

But unfortunately, within just a couple of days, they found that Mononoke made many “mistakes”. She made the “mistake” of fearing the street, with all the new sights and sounds she was experiencing. She made the “mistake” of fearing the mirror, because she’d never seen her own reflection before. She made the “mistake” of growling a couple of times when she was feeling nervous and unsure.

Dog returned to shelter by cruel owners

Because of these “mistakes”, and despite the shelter staff’s attempt to advise her family on training techniques, she was brought back to the shelter she came from, just 7 days after she was adopted.

And now it’s up to the staff to pick up the pieces. It’s up to them to try and convince her that humans are worth her trust, that someday, she will find someone good. But it’s hard to believe in it when you’ve never experienced it.

Mononoke now spends her days lying down on a cold, wet, kennel floor, when just a few weeks ago she had a comfortable bed and her own family.
Shelter staff have made a desperate appeal to try and find her the right family. Someone who understands she’ll need time and patience.

We are unaware of whether Mononoke has since been adopted, but we sure hope she did end up finding the perfect home.

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