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Caring dog comforts stranger after sensing the reason for his sadness (video)

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You should never judge a dog by its breed. And a special Rottweiler has just proved why. Because this big dog has got an enormous heart full of love for everyone.

Rottweilers can get a bad rap sometimes. This is because they're strong, confident, and fiercely loyal to their favourite humans. As such, they can seem a little intimidating to people who haven't met Rottweilers like Nato. 

Sweet Nato was enjoying a walkies with his dad, Dan McPierson, when he spotted an older gentleman sitting on a bench. The man looked a bit down in the dumps, so Nato decided it was his job to cheer him up. 

Nato always shares the love

A short TikTok video shows Nato 'asking' his dog dad for permission to go and say hello. When he gets it, Nato bounds over to the man and offers up his back for some scratches and tickles. 

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A big smile comes across the man's face. He's clearly delighted that Nato decided to single him out for some afternoon cuddles. But why, out of all the people sitting in the park, did Nato decide to make friends with this guy? 

Dogs love us more than they love themselves

The answer confirms something we've suspected for a long time. Dogs can sense when humans need an extra bit of TLC. In this case, the man had recently lost his own dog. The poor pup passed away following a short illness.  

Nato obviously sensed what this man needed, and he was more than happy to offer it. Because in Nato's world, the happiness of others is just as important as his own.

We really don't deserve these dogs, but thank goodness we have them!

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