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Puppy dumped in bucket filled with car oil gets the best revenge on life

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Donations have poured in to save an adorable little sausage dog named Oliver who was dumped at an animal rescue shelter in an old bucket filled with motor oil.

It's hard to understand why anyone would harm a helpless puppy. And many of these acts of animal cruelty leave us lost for words. What happened to sweet little Oliver is one of those stories.

Oliver's owner didn't want his sausage dog puppy anymore. So he decided to take him to an animal rescue shelter in Boksburg, South Africa. That doesn't sound too bad, does it?  

Why? Just why?

But, for reasons that are beyond the comprehension of any decent person, this guy decided to carry Oliver to the shelter in a rusty bucket filled with motor oil! What's more, a quick examination by the vet suggested that Oliver had never received a days' worth of care or love during his short life. 

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This heartbreaking story shocked seasoned rescue workers. In fact, it's one of the worse cases of animal cruelty they've ever seen... 

"It's the most pitiful thing we've seen in a long time," wrote an SPCA spokesperson on the shelter's Facebook page. "Oliver arrived in a dirty bucket filled with oil. He had an eye infection and is still very anaemic. Oliver's frail little body has been through so much. His spirit was completely broken."

But despite everything he'd been through, Oliver wasn't ready to give up! And when he stood up and started walking around, the fantastic people at SPCA knew there was hope. So they made a second post asking for support and donations to help pay for Oliver's treatment. 

Faith in people restored!

The donations started coming in straight away, and thousands of people sent some extra love and best wishes for Oliver. The overwhelming response gave SPCA workers a much-needed morale boost.

After all, dealing with cases like this can really shake your faith in humanity. But, most importantly, the money and love have given Oliver a fighting chance at the life he deserves. 

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