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Watch: Man can't contain tears of joy as he meets his new puppy for the first time!

man meeting his new husky puppy for first time dog-happy
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Watch the heartwarming moment when a family man came home from work to discover his wife and daughters had got him an adorable little husky puppy as a father's day gift!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 18/04/2021, 18:00

This man is in for a treat! His family decided to surprise him on Father's Day with a gift he will certainly remember for the rest of his life. 

The man's family decided to surprise him with a new arrival as he came home from work. As soon as he opens the kitchen door, tears of joy stream down his face. He's about the meet the latest addition to his family, a cute Siberian husky pup.

With puppies, everyone is a softie!

The short clip shows him staring at the puppy in disbelief. He then picks up the furball, looks at his wife, and asks, "Is this real?"

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She says it is, and the man's heart melts with love as he struggles to hold back tears of joy. It just proves that puppies can turn anybody into a big softie.

This is the first dog he's had since the family's first husky, Cooper, passed away two years ago at the grand old age of 13. 

"Dad had been looking to get a new husky, but my mom kept telling him we were done with huskies," said the man's daughter, Bailey. "But this year my siblings and mom pitched in to buy him a new Siberian husky as an early Father's Day present. He has always had huskies growing up. They're his favourite breed of dog."

Best father's day present ever!

Millions of people have watched the clip online. One viewer said it was endearing to watch a grown man melt over a puppy, and many more described the moment as "incredible" and "wonderful."

Now check it out for yourself. It looks like these two are going to be best friends for life!

Canadian dad overcome with emotion when surprised with husky puppy

A true dog lover for sure! Credit: Newsflare

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