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Owner issues critical warning after careless moment ends in tragedy

Dog at vets dog-sad
© Ute Daus - Facebook

A Labrador died after eating a cake containing a sugar substitute called xylitol. A small amount of xylitol is toxic to dogs, and not enough owners know about this danger.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 18/03/2021, 18:00

Dogs are cheeky, curious creatures. And they have an impulsive attitude toward food. It's like an "eat now, think about it later policy." But it can get them in trouble, and sometimes the consequences are deadly. 

In this case, a sweet Labrador called Paul couldn't resist the temptation of a birthday cake left sitting out on the kitchen side. His dog-mum had left it there for just a few minutes. But that's all a dog needs.

A poison with no antidote

Paul started to vomit, shake uncontrollably, and soon slipped into a coma-like state. His family rushed Paul to the animal hospital, but there was nothing the vets could to save him.

The cake contained the sugar substitute xylitol, which is highly toxic for dogs. Once ingested, just 0.1g per Kg of body weight can cause severe poisoning. And there's no known antidote.

An important message for all dog owners

Paul's humans are still coming to terms with their tragic loss. But they did share the sad story on Facebook in the hope it will prevent future tragedies.

"I want to warn all dogs owners about something very important," wrote Paul's owner. "My dog just nibbled a cake. But it was baked with xylitol instead of sugar. I didn't know that xylitol is highly toxic to animals. If I can reach just one person with my post who didn't know it yet, like myself, then it's worth it."

Over 50,000 people have shared the story on social media. So let's do the same. We don't want this happening to any more dogs.

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