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Vet is stunned as owner claims not to have noticed dog's symptoms

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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The best way to know if your pet is well or not is to know their behaviours through and through. But this owner had clearly not been paying close attention!

Around two years ago, a small dog was brought into a vet clinic by her owner.

Huge mass on dog’s X-ray

The dog needed surgery for her luxating patella, a health problem often seen in small dogs. 

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Before the operation, the vet performed an x-ray to ensure everything was in order. But what she found had her almost panicking. There was clearly something very wrong with the dog’s kidneys. The vet wasn’t sure what it was, but she knew she couldn’t waste any time trying to find out.

So, she performed an emergency operation on the little dog - and removed over 100 kidney stones.

Symptoms of kidney stones in dogs

What was even more shocking than the removal of such a large amount of kidney stones was the fact that the owner hadn’t noticed anything. Usually, symptoms of kidney stones in dogs include pain, difficulty urinating, and bloody urine. But this dog owner insisted that she hadn’t seen anything like that.

Thankfully, the dog is no longer in any discomfort, thanks to her attentive vet!

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