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Rescued bait dog meets little blind calf, what happens next stuns shelter staff

Calf and pitbull dog-cat-wow
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When a rescued Pit Bull and a blind calf are introduced at an animal rescue shelter, no one could have predicted the kind of friendship that would develop between them.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 03/01/2021, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

Sweatpea the Pit Bull, is a former bait dog who had an extremely tough start to life. Heaven is an adorable little 2-month-old calf who is blind.

Both have been through a lot in their short lives and both were to discover that good friends can come in all different shapes and sizes. 

Meet Sweetpea and Heaven

Sweatpea and Heaven both arrived at Saving Grace Animal Society in Canada to join the sanctuary’s many rescued animals.

Heaven came from a dairy farm because she was too nervous and jumpy around the other animals on the farm. 

Meanwhile, Sweetpea is thought to have previously been used as a bait dog for an underground fighting ring. The poor pup arrived at the shelter emaciated, with cuts all over her body. But despite her terrible start in life, Sweetpea revealed herself to be the most loving dog. Her wonderful loving nature earned her the job as the sanctuary’s official greeter to all new rescues. Every new animal that comes to the sanctuary is introduced to Sweetpea. 

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Unbreakable bond

Most animals at the sanctuary eventually leave after finding their very own forever homes. However, Sweatpea and Heaven will live out their days here. Which is just as well. 

From the moment they met they instantly bonded and are now inseparable. The pair can often be found hanging out together sunbathing, playing or grooming each other. Both animals seem to really enjoy each other’s company. 

Heaven was recently given a custom-made cart to help her get around the sanctuary without bumping into things. The cart even has a built-in halo. She’s still adjusting to the cart and getting around but she always has her best friend Sweetpea by her side to help her if she needs it.