Animal comes to shelter so neglected that staff can’t even tell what it is

before and after picture of rescue dog dog-sad

A rescue dog underwent an amazing transformation from little monster to little beauty thanks to a dedicated team of animal lovers who refused to give up on her.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 19/07/2021, 06:30

A few months ago, staff at the Central Missouri Humane Society found themselves holding what could only be described as a ball of dirty fluff.

They knew there was some kind of animal hiding inside. But given the state of its coat, some rescue workers were worried they'd taken in a little monster.

From little beast to little beauty

Still, they'd made a promise to take care of every creature that comes through the door. So they got to work on what turned out to be a three-hour grooming session.

And it was worth every second! Because there was something very special hiding under all that dirty fur - an adorable pup with the sweetest face in the world.

And to honour just how special she was, the staff decided to call the little beauty Precious. They then shared Precious' story on the shelter's Facebook page, posting:

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"A very kind person came to our front door carrying some sort of animal he had just found in the parking lot of a local grocery store. We weren't entirely sure what was even in the bed, but we knew it needed help."

Precious gets her happy ending

Precious went to stay with a foster family for a few months, where she learned to trust people again. She then found her forever home in October and is now looking forward to a first Christmas with her new family.