Watch: Dog talks back to his dad in hilarious video

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A disagreement over pet etiquette got rather 'heated' after a man questioned his pup about some ongoing behaviour that could be politely described as a 'bit weird.'

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 21/07/2021, 06:30

Colt Blue is an unusual pup. To start with, he's a Catahoula - an extremely rare type of dog bred by early French settlers in the US state of Louisiana. Also known as leopard dogs, Catahoulas have dark-spotted coats and expressive eyes with a distinctly human look to them.

They also have a well-earned reputation for being - how shall we say it? - a little bit quirky. And that's certainly the case with Colt, who has one strange habit that would make even the biggest dog lover say, "hang on their, buddy. That's a bit much." 

A 'special' kind of dog

Because Colt Blue, for reasons beyond anyone's understanding, likes to rub his bum against his dad's headrest every time they go for a drive. See, we told you Colt was a 'special' dog.

So what does Colt have to say about it all? Well, his owners recently filmed a conversation regarding this ongoing problem. And by the looks of it, Colt Blue is 100% unrepentant!

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The clip starts with Colt's dad laying his cards on the table, saying "You rub your butthole on my headrest." Colt then stares up at his dog dad, but not with puppy dog "sorry" eyes. Instead, it's a defiant look that says, "So what? I'm a dog. What else did you expect?"

Colt remains unrepentant

The man tries to explain that such things don't happen in a civilised society. But Colt isn't having any of it. He continues to defend himself with barks and whimpers until his owner just gives up.

Colt definitely won this battle. We wonder if his dad is looking forward to their next car journey together?