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Some may say miracles happen; others put moments of surprise down to pure chance. Whatever your belief, the story of a dog called Baloo will knock your socks off.

It all began 11 years ago when a woman called Julia entrusted her dog Baloo to a member of her family. Julia, who lives in the Occitanie region of southern France was heartbroken when she was later told that Baloo had done a runner.

Despite numerous searches and a desperate bid for information from neighbours and friends, the crossbreed puppy was nowhere to be seen.

The pain of defeat

In the end, Julia had to admit that she would never see her beloved Baloo again. But earlier this year hope sprang eternal. Julia’s sister was surfing the internet and browsing the pictures of dogs kept at an Aussillon dog shelter when she saw an elderly – yet infinitely recognisable – furry face.

Baloo’s markings were unmistakable, and the age of the dog pointed in no uncertain terms to the fact that Baloo was alive and well, albeit lonely and in need of his owner!

Reunion and happy ending

Wasting no time, Julia raced to the shelter to identify Baloo. Sure enough it was he, and the two were reunited.

Baloo now lives happily with his true forever love, Julia.

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Perhaps it is worth a mention that because Baloo was not chipped he was kept by the shelter all this time with a view to being rehomed. A dog’s microchipping is a legal requirement of dog owners in the UK. Without positive identification a lost dog is more likely to be put down than to be reunited with their owner.

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    Didn't know dogs were put down in uk if they don't have microchip.
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