Jenna Marbles' big announcement leaves dog-lovers devastated

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The “mother of Youtube”, as she was affectionately called, recently announced she would be leaving the platform after a decade of reigning it.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 03/07/2020, 19:00, Updated on the 04/06/2021, 15:37

And though fans will miss her down-to-earth and hilarious videos, for us dog-lovers, it’s the pack she owns that we’ll miss most!

The coolest canine crew

It all started with Marbles, a tiny Chihuahua Jenna adopted in 2008. The adorable dog made multiple appearances in her early videos, showcasing typical Chi attitude. Then came Kermit, otherwise known as “cermet” - a little Italian Greyhound puppy adopted in 2010. With this new addition to the family, came a whole new age of Jenna - one where dogs ran the show.


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Just four years later, Peach, another Iggy, joined the family. With their growing pack, Jenna and her partner Julien realised just how much they loved Greyhounds, and decided to adopt Bunny, a rescue Grey, in 2019. 


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The end of an era

For the past few years, Jenna’s dogs feature in or are the downright centerpieces of her videos. Their hilarious personalities and relationships to each other have made viewers around the world fall head over heels in love, bringing laughter and joy to all. But despite her simple and unproblematic new content, it was receiving constant pressure and negative comments that caused Jenna to call it a day.

While Jenna fans are unsure whether she will ever return to Youtube, one thing is for sure: she is already missed. We, as dog fans, will certainly miss seeing Bunny’s progress, Marbles’ constantly fed-up self and the Iggies’ antics! But we thank them for the light they brought into our lives for many, many years, and wish them all the best.

And at the very least, we can continue to enjoy their old videos:

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