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Pitbull stung by hundreds of bees, but his nightmare doesn't end there

Pitbull stung by bees dog-happy
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If you think you are having a bad time, meet Stinger, a lovely pitbull who has already had to endure more than his share of pain and heartbreak in his short life.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 11/06/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:27

Stinger is a sweet-natured Pitbull who was born deaf. When Stinger took an interest in a honeycomb, the poor pup was stung by thousands of bees. He was covered in painful bee stings which he also had a bad reaction to.


Stinger was immediately taken to the vet. But heartbreakingly, that was the very last time Stinger would ever see his owners. They didn’t just drop him off at the vet clinic to return later, they abandoned him there. Vets at the clinic were able to treat the bee stings but also discovered that the pup was extremely underweight, had scabies, and bladder problems.

Fortunately, Carri Shipaila from LuvnPupz rescue heard about Stinger’s plight. Stinger was moved to her shelter to be cared for. But the dog was still in severe pain. If he hadn’t already been through enough, it was discovered that Stinger also had an auto-immune disease called Pemhigus.

Happy ending

But despite everything he’d endured, Stinger refused to give up. Despite his pain and discomfort, Stinger is a sweet and gentle dog that loves meeting people.

Thankfully, Stinger’s story does have a happy ending. Stinger has finally found a forever loving home where he will get all the love and care he deserves.

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