The bulldog died after ingesting a common household plant

Bulldog passes away because owner wasn't aware of this deadly danger

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A heartbroken owner is warning other dog lovers about the dangers of common house plants after her beloved Bulldog fell fatally ill from ingesting just a few leaves.

Kate Wagner, from Milwaukee, USA, lost her fur baby last month after it ate a few leaves of a Sago Palm, a common plant found in many homes and gardens.

Lilly the French Bulldog fell ill within an hour of eating the plant and was then rushed to a local animal hospital.

Lilly fought for as long as she could

Vets managed to stabilise Lilly, who fought on for another two weeks before she finally passed away.

"On Saturday, May 16, Lily passed away in our arms," said Kate. "She fought hard, loved hard, and gave us a couple of butt wiggles just before she couldn't fight any longer."

Kate decided to share the tragic story on Facebook as a way of warning other dog-owners about the dangers of some household plants.

Share this important information!

Daffodils, lilies, and dahlias are just three of the typical household plants that are toxic to dogs. You can find a complete list of these in our article about poisonous plants for dogs.

It also includes advice on what to do if your dog comes into contact with a toxic plant.

Make sure you check it out and then share it with all your pooch loving friends. Even minimal exposure to some plants can have deadly consequences for our dogs.

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