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Loveable puppy uses winning smile to find a new family

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They say a smile is worth a thousand words. This pup’s smile may well have been saying, “Please give me a new home, I’m a good doggo, promise”.

Burreaux, the lovable black Labrador was found abandoned with two fellow pooches when he was just eight weeks old. A volunteer from the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana took the three puppies to safety.

Little Burreaux (who was named after a local football player) had a rough start and was taken ill upon arrival at the shelter. But, we're pleased to report that he made an incredible recovery and immediately started winning shelter workers over with his, ahem, unusual ability.

The sweetest smile

It turns out that little Burreaux knew how to smile and would show a goofy grin every time potential adopters passed!

Burreaux even flashes his grin every time he's told he's a good boy. Suggesting he could be smiling when he's happy, just like humans!

A hit on social media

The shelter shared images and videos of all three rescued pups and Burreaux's brother Joe was snapped up right away. Little Burreaux's video showed him flashing his grin and before long, he too was spotted by a loving couple who were looking to add a new addition to their family. The little guy is now settling into his brand-new forever home.

We wish the gorgeous little Labrador a long and happy life with his new family and we hope that adorable little smile never leaves his face!

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