Woman running after bear and dog
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Woman chases bear in attempt to save her dog in hair-raising video

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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Bailey Jacobson was leaving home with her dog when the pair accidentally stumbled upon an unwanted visitor. Then, in an unbelievable scene, the bear gave chase.

The day started out much like any other for Bailey and her German Shepherd Zeus. 

But as the duo stepped into the front drive, they came across a scene that was far from ordinary. 

Unexpected visitors

A bear had arrived on the property, and they were investigating the rubbish right next to Bailey's car. 

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At first glance, the unwelcome intruder could have been a curious cub, and it wasn't long before Zeus moved in to inspect the situation.

A scary scene

Shockingly, it quickly became clear that the bear was not a cub. It was an adult bear who showed no hesitation in chasing Zeus off into the woods. Fearing for her dog's life, Bailey ran after the bear. 

The hair-raising scene was caught on camera by CCTV, which the devoted owner shared to Instagram. 

"Not even a bear could stop me from saving my dog", she explained in her caption, to which one viewer responded, "I watched this video several times. Made me tear up. In awe of you". 

While her attempts were admirable, Bailey quickly realised that taking on a bear was too much for even the most fearless of dog owners. She decided to retreat, followed shortly after by her brave four-legged friend. 

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