Golden retriever Jackson waits outside a shop for his master

Passers-by approach lone dog with sign around his neck and are left stunned

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They notice a dog sitting patiently on its own with a handwritten note around its neck. They approach, they read the note, and in a heartbeat, they fall in love.

A nondescript shopping mall in Altoona, Pennsylvania is the favourite haunt of Steve Moore and his dog Jackson. And when the pair braves the shops together, they draw dozens of adoring fans.

In 2011 three-year-old Jackson was filmed sitting outside shops with a sign around his neck which reads, “Dad told me to wait here. Me waiting.”

The Golden Retriever’s patience is equalled only by his friendly temperament. Thus Jackson finds himself no longer alone while he waits for his master, but surrounded by other shoppers who find his gentle presence mesmerizing.

Reported WTAJ at the time, Mr Moore is blown away by the popularity of Jackson but also puzzled by the turnaround of people's attitude. Earlier in the year Jackson was dumped at a shelter unwanted and unloved. He was adopted by Steve shortly afterwards.

Everybody wants to take him home,” Moore told WTAJ. “I find that amazing because four weeks ago nobody wanted him.”

The Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is, like the Labrador, a popular choice of therapy dog. Due to its being extremely intelligent and able to apply itself easily to new tasks, it is a breed most commonly seen of sight and assistance dogs.

Dogs of the breed are renowned also for their friendliness and gentleness. They are docile enough to be good company for the elderly and robust enough to withstand the rigours of rough play with children.

It is likely that Jackson is also exhibiting a further positive trait of the retriever: loyalty. Yet another string to the bow of the breed.

If you own a Golden Retriever and you have a desire to volunteer for charity work you should consider getting in touch with one of the many UK charities that uses dogs in their line of work. They would be pleased to hear from you.

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