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Rescuers see wet cardboard box and break into tears when they see what's inside

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During a routine patrol, staff from Fresno Humane Animal Services happened to stumble across a wet cardboard box that had a huge surprise inside.

The team initially joked about finding a dog inside the box, but then they peered inside and were stunned to find a little puppy.

Underweight and skin problems

The dog, later named Alejandro, was clearly in bad shape. He was underweight and had visible skin problems.

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Seeing Alejandro’s condition was heartbreaking, even to the experienced volunteers. They gently wrapped him in a soft red blanket and took him to their car, where they gave him some food, which he quickly devoured.

Alejandro was then taken to the shelter, where he had some vaccinations and was started on treatment for his skin issues. He was then moved to the Valley Animal Center.

The little pup was initially very scared and nervous of everyone, but he had transformed into a completely different dog within a week. 

Remarkable transformation

His tail began to wag, and his playful, spunky personality emerged, winning the hearts of everyone who meets him.

After the shelter had shared Alejandro’s story, a generous donation of a customisable doghouse was sent to him to replace the cardboard box where he had sought shelter.

While he was hesitant to begin with, it didn’t take long before Alejandro was completely enamoured with his new doghouse, realising it was a safe haven for him. 

Looking ahead, the volunteers at Valley Animal Center are confident that Alejandro will thrive in any loving, happy home. His resilient spirit and joyful nature will undoubtedly bring immense happiness to his future adoptive family.

Watch Alejandro's rescue story:

Good luck, Alejandro!

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