Argos42 and Baptiste Praud

Baptiste Praud launched Argos42 at the age of 14

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Remarkable 14-year-old school boy starts organisation to help mistreated animals

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There's no age limit for fighting animal abuse: Meet Baptiste Praud, a 14-year-old determined to help as many animals as possible.

At just 14, Baptiste, from near Saint-Étienne, France, founded Argos42, an organisation dedicated to protecting mistreated animals.

Determined to make a difference

Baptiste's passion for animal welfare was ignited two years ago when he adopted a Cocker Spaniel. He realised the joy pets bring and the plight of abused animals. His initial attempt to volunteer at a shelter was unsuccessful due to his age, but this setback only fueled his determination. 

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Undeterred, he began crafting handmade items to sell at events supporting animal causes. But that wasn't enough for Baptiste. He was keen to formalise his efforts, so he launched Argos42.

Baptiste has worked tirelessly for over eight months to raise awareness about animal abuse. He manages the organisation's website, blog, and social media presence, spreading its message far and wide.

Raising awareness of animal welfare

Argos42 focuses on public awareness and fundraising to support partner shelters. Baptiste regularly participates in designer markets, selling his handmade creations to raise funds. The organisation's recent initiatives include petitions against animal experiments in scientific research and the sale of animals in pet shops.

Baptiste also engages with the community through visits to schools and social centres to teach respect for animals. 

Thanks to a strong network of supporters and donors (and Baptiste's hard work), Argos42 continues to grow, proving that age is no barrier to making a difference.

Well done, Baptiste!

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