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This grandfather didn't like cats...until he met Lizzie.

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Grandfather transforms from cat hater to cat lover thanks to kitten (video)

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If you’re someone who doesn’t like cats, then maybe you just haven’t met the right cat, just like this TikTok user’s grandfather.

It all began when a cat had a litter over a year ago, leaving one kitten named Lizzie without a home.

When Grandpa met Lizzie

The mother cat’s owner turned to their grandparents for help, even though they knew the grandfather was not a fan of felines.

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While he was initially reluctant, the grandfather begrudgingly agreed to look after Lizzie for a week while the family found her a new home.

Over the next ten days, Lizzie worked her charm on the man. Her playful antics and affectionate nature gradually melted the grandfather’s heart.

Despite his professed dislike for cats, a video posted on TikTok tells a different story and reveals a remarkable transformation: “Your grandpa who hated cats your entire life falls in love with one.”

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Cat lover

The video shows the older man tenderly stroking Lizzie and unable to hide his delight at having her around. He’s even left family members stunned by sending weekly text updates on the cat and photos of Lizzie’s mischievous adventures, whether it’s helping with puzzles or raiding the groceries.

Lizzie has been in their care for almost a year and they couldn’t imagine life without her. 

Despite joking about her antics, the grandfather will now openly admit that he’s very fond of Lizzie and misses her whenever he’s away. 

Well done, Lizzie!

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