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Extra love: How can I care for my cat?

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Are you a cat lover, and don’t worry who knows this? Your love for your kitties knows no boundaries, and they hold a little bit of your heart!

Unfortunately, our cats don’t speak the same language we do, so it’s difficult to make them understand just how special they really are. All the cat treats, fancy cat bed and new toys don’t portray how you actually feel about your favourite pet. There are several other ways you can express your love that your kitty will understand, by showing extra love, affection and care for your cat

Care for your Cat -Head to Toe Rubs

Your cat probably quite often walks up to you and rubs the length of her body against your leg. She isn’t just enjoying the closeness to her owner, she is actually staking her ownership of you and coating you with her scent. Give her as many nose to tail rubs as she wants, and show that you’re happy to be her owner. You can give your cat this extra special care which will also strengthen the bond you have.

Extra love-Head bonks and slow blinks

Certainly, in the wild, a cat will use head butting to show affection. It’s a way of showing trust and respect. A cat shows her vulnerability by holding her head down, and by doing this in front of you, just shows that she trusts you implicitly.

Take a look closely at your cat, and see if she blinks slowly. Because she is happy to close her eyes in front of you, proves that she is quite comfortable and happy.

Show your cat that you care, by sitting with your head at the same level as hers  and give her some soft knocks with your forehead. Likewise, see if she reciprocates with some head butting and slow blinks back at you.

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Take a nap with your cat

Your cat will show that she cares for you and trusts you, by sleeping right next to you. You probably don’t have to share your bed with your cat, but maybe if you’re lying on the sofa watching a movie, cuddle in with your kitty too. As a result, she will feel extra safe in your care.

Care for your cat -Understand how your cat communicates

If your cat shows you her tummy, it means she’s feeling comfortable in your company. She may not be asking for a belly rub. She can communicate with you by using various voice indicators and body language to show you what she’s saying and what she wants. Understand these pointers and you will be able to care for your cat and fulfil her needs to keep her happy and safe.

Visit the Vet for feline check ups

Not many of us like going to the Doctors, and similarly, our cats are no different. First of all, you can show her how to cope with an appointment, by giving her some delicious treats to make sure she enjoys this experience. Another option is to ask the Vet if you can bring your cat along to the clinic, just for an acquainting visit.

As a result of this, when your cat does need medical care, she won’t be afraid. Most important of all, show your cat you care with a few extra cuddles. Offer her an extra treat now and then, to show how much she’s loved.

Cherish every minute you have with your kitty and above all, shower her with extra love!
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