Uninhabited island in Moselle
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Incredible discovery on an uninhabited island leaves people speechless

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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Campers were shocked when they spotted a mysterious shape on a tiny uninhabited island in Germany. Clearly a living creature, they called the police for help.

The tiny island of Mosel is usually deserted, with not a single person known to live there. So when campers in Zell spotted movement, they knew they were seeing something quite unusual. 

An unexpected rescue

With both the police and fire-brigade notified, help was quickly on its way. 

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But nobody expected the news that the mysterious figure they had seen roaming, was actually that of Cocker Spaniel Famke, who had disappeared 12 days earlier. 

Dog overboard 

Famke's ordeal had begun a week prior to her discovery, when she was travelling by boat with her owner. 

Sandra de Jong had let her six dogs run free on the deck, as they were experienced travellers and enjoyed sitting out in the nice weather. 

On this fateful day, however, Famke had stumbled overboard, perhaps pushed in accidentally by one of her furry brothers or sisters. 

Arriving in to the harbour, Sandra was distraught when she realised her beloved companion was missing. With the assistance of volunteers, Sandra spent 12 long days searching for her four-legged friend. 

With no sightings, she returned to the Netherlands heartbroken. 

Finally, the call she had been waiting for came through. Famke had been found, and despite only having one eye, the brave pup  was alive and well. 

"I was so happy", explained her overjoyed owner. "I always knew she could do it. She's in good shape". 

After being separated for almost 2 weeks, Famke shared an emotional reunion with her favourite person. 

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