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Watch: Dog show brought to a halt when judges see what the Afghan Hound is doing

black afghan hound standing at dog show dog-happy © ViralHog - YouTube

This dog may not win Best In Show, but he will NEVER be forgotten by the attendants of this event, that’s for certain.

By Justine Seraphin

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Dog shows are serious events. Participants - both dogs and handlers - are expected to look and act the part. But apparently, this Afghan Hound didn’t get the memo.

Afghan Hound has a blast at the dog show

The show took place at the end of April in Idaho, USA. All the dogs were on their best behaviour - standing still and waiting for their turn to show off in front of the judge.

That’s when the Afghan Hound decided it was time to remind everyone that dog shows should be fun, too. Somehow, he broke loose from his handler, and simply couldn’t handle the excitement of being FREE.

It’s a wonderful life

The huge dog can then be seen prancing around happily all over the dog showing ring, as if overwhelmed with joy and telling his dog friends to join in. He expertly avoids all the handlers who try to catch him, running faster at every turn, thinking its all just a big game!

All eyes are on the Afghan, and some dogs can even be seen pulling and lunging on their leads to try and join in the fun. To be honest, we’ve never seen a dog have so much fun at a dog show.

The Afghan probably didn’t win Best In Show, but if there was an award for ‘Best At Living’ we think he’d have won it hands down. Just look how happy he is! If only we all could make the most of these little moments…the world would be such a better place!

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